Meet Nurullah

What initially drew you to the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation Impact Program? 

My engagement with the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation Impact Program was fueled by its exceptional dedication to forging sustainable innovations through the application of advanced technologies. This blend of forward-thinking and environmental stewardship provided a rich landscape for personal and professional growth. It offered an unparalleled chance to work in a global and diverse setting, promoting open-field creativity and encouraging the development of impactful solutions. By participating in this program, I saw a path to not only apply my academic insights to tackle critical worldwide issues but also to make a responsible and lasting impact on the industry and the environment, thereby advancing my career and enhancing my professional skills in a meaningful way.

Tell us about your first impressions of the program. What surprised, excited, or impressed you the most?

Joining the program, I was captivated by the vibrant atmosphere of innovation and teamwork, enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment and the application of AI. This setting, which prioritizes a human-first and planet-first approach, offered a unique opportunity to actively participate in projects that not only push the envelope in terms of technological advancements but also have significant environmental benefits. This experience surpassed my initial expectations, providing an exhilarating foundation for my professional development and underscoring the program's commitment to embracing the environment and fostering groundbreaking solutions.

What advice would you offer for graduates starting in R&D's Application Engineering path at Henkel? 

For those beginning their journey in the Application Engineering field at Henkel, my recommendation is to adopt an open-minded stance, prepared to seamlessly combine imaginative thinking with analytical rigor. Seize the boundless opportunities presented during the program to dive into a rich diversity of projects, perspectives, and disciplines. Be eager to absorb knowledge across business, science, and innovation, demonstrating proactive engagement and a thirst for learning. Treat every challenge as a chance to enhance your proficiency, expand your business acumen, and elevate your innovation capabilities. This balanced, boundary-free approach will not only refine your technical skills but also broaden your professional outlook, paving the way for a successful and dynamic career in this domain.

What can someone expect from the Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation program when they start?

Participants embark on an extraordinary journey that will prepare you to fully embrace a culture full of diversity and innovation. You will have the privilege of meeting experts from both industry and academia. Every day promises excitement as you head to a job that's not just a role but a passion, surrounded by individuals from various cultures, all contributing to a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere. Be prepared to join a formidable team, where being a part of something bigger means shaping a sustainable future together. Gear up for a transformative professional experience, equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead and innovate.