Meet Diana

How was your first experience? What was impressing/exciting/surprising?

In Henkel, responsibilities are given from day one, where you candidly embrace the “WE MAKE IT HAPPEN” culture. I was thrilled to start my first project as I felt the potential value of bringing in an innovative and entrepreneurial big corporate such as Henkel. Working surrounded by a diverse, driven, and open-minded work-culture really impulsed me to give the best of me from the very beginning.

What do you like most about your job and your team? What is special?

I love the dynamicity that an application engineer is exposed to as there is a perfect balance between lab work, office, and traveling whilst actively collaborating between the product development team, the sales team, and customers. As a result, my technical knowledge, problem-solving and soft skills are continuously developing within this role. Everyday there is a new challenge and a different learning and for that reason, I am always excited to come to work as no day is the same.

What would be an advice you would give to a young graduate starting in AE in Henkel?

As a young graduate who will start in AE in Henkel, I encourage you to be engaged and bold. What I appreciate about Henkel is that there are many ways you can grow professionally and people that will support you throughout your journey. Just be curious and be ready for changes.