Meet Carmen

What made you join Henkel Adhesive Technologies Innovation?

My study background is varied, similar to the countries I have lived in. I am eager to learn about everything and I always believed that the best way to do so is by being exposed to an international, diverse, and challenging environment, which led me to apply to Henkel. This rotational program in particular will allow me to explore different possibilities and to have the chance to get to know several technologies.

How was your first experience? What was impressing/exciting/surprising?

So far, my experience here has been amazing. I have met incredible people who have welcomed me with open arms. The innovation impact program has helped me greatly to integrate in Dusseldorf and in Henkel. The overall work environment is energizing and motivating. You can tell that Henkel is a community of people first, and a workplace second.

What do you like most about your job and your team? What is special?

I love how diverse and international the team is. You can grow and improve as a person when you get to interact with so many people with different perspectives from all over the world. Moreover, the level of collaboration is incredible. Being part of a team that works together effectively to achieve a common goal is refreshing. Our manager pushes us to pitch ideas and the group helps one another out. Nobody hesitates to ask for support because they know a teammate is always willing to help.

What would be an advice you would give to a young graduate starting in R&D in Henkel?

Remember that everyone has been in your shoes at some point. Everyone had a first job and a first time experiencing new things in a new environment, so there is no need to be afraid to ask for help when needed. People will support you as much as they can. Moreover, don't be afraid to show initiative and suggest new ideas. Enthusiasm is always appreciated. Finally, make sure to take responsibility and to make time for learning and sharing.